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How we work

Good structural engineering design comes from a mix of creativity, experience, communication and completeness.


Size matters

Our size and flat structure results in experienced engineers leading and delivering every project with all senior members of our team "hands-on" in everything we do.



We work with both physical and computer models, using intuition and experience so we can understand the structural behaviour of our designs before proving with analysis and calculations. We work together in open plan offices sharing ideas and reviewing challenges. There is always more than one answer.

Creating great buildings requires great team work, and all our projects are the product of creative collaborations with other companies and specialists.

We have an ongoing collaboration with NET, a New Zealand network of engineering teams heavily committed to the recovery of the Canterbury region since the 2010 earthquake. This partnership is developing our seismic engineering expertise as well as offering our team a popular exchange programme.

Our clients
The breadth of our client base reflects the wide range of our projects. We work for architects and designers, theatre directors, festival producers and artists, specialist contractors and product manufacturers, property developers and private clients, local councils and charities. This diversity of work benefits each project, with ideas, experience and potential pitfalls learnt and shared quickly between projects and sectors.


Quality Assurance

Our quality management system, relating to structural and civil engineering, is BS EN ISO 9001:2015 certified.


Environmental Management 

Our environmental management system, relating to structural and civil engineering, is BS EN ISO 14001:2015 certified.



We are a professional member of TRADA (Timber Research and Development Association)



We are corporate supporters of the Theatres Trust, the national advisory public body for theatres, 

About us

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