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Momentum worked with Boano Prismontas to create the Quiubox; a modular structure constructed out of CNC-machined plywood panels designed for communities living in the coastal areas surrounding Cartagena, Colombia. 


The timber sheets are cut in a way to avoid material wastage, and the modular structure is intended to be replicable and easy to assemble. Each module is built using dry joints that slot together without the aid of any additional fixing. The aesthetic look is dictated by this method of construction. 


The facade typology combines the aesthetic of an iconic factory with shed roofs, with the round opening of a boat and the arches of a public lodge. This hybrid mix expresses all the functions and the ideas behind the Quiubox concept. 

Quiubox aims to have a CNC workshop as its centrepiece for the growth and empowerment of the community, opening doors to local small-scale projects. The workshop will be used to build new houses, produce pieces to repair local informal settlements, as well as produce boats to re-introduce the fishing tradition in the area. 


Quiubox was displayed as part of Milan Design Week 2017. 

Architect . Boano Prismontas







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